Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm just one viewer...

But one that is highly peeved that Comedy Central has canceled The Sarah Silverman show. I looked forward to it every week (I even watch reruns on Logo) and hope that another network will pick it up. I know a lot of people don't get her sense of humor, but I'm not friends with them.
Oddly (or maybe not since rumors of cancellation have been circulating for a while now), I had a dream last night that Sarah was my BFF and she was trying to move her stuff into my house (without asking first) and her sister Laura was helping. She stacked her luggage in my spare room, threw my haircare and facial products on the bathroom vanity in the trash to make room for hers, and started listing the places in Austin she wanted to go. Then we started playing "what's that smell?" because there was a strange odor coming from her luggage stack. It took a while, but she remembered she put a wet bathing suit in one of her bags about a week ago. Laura got disgusted and left and Sarah started eating my chili-lime almonds and asking how long it would take me to do her laundry.
If you love(d) the show, follow @SaveSarahNow and @sarahksilverman on Twitter and Tweet @ComedyCentral to let them know how you feel about them pulling the show. Also, her new book is hilarious and you can buy it now.
I will be wearing black (weird for me, I know) in mourning until another network picks it up or Comedy Central changes its mind. Where am I going to get my tasteless comedy fix now? Don't say South Park.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why I do not look pretty on the weekends...

If the sun is shining (the Texas sun is brutal, y'all) and I'm not doing anything social, I usually spend the day covered in sunscreen because I put it on every time I take the dog out. Weekends are also the days when I exercise most, so in addition to sunscreen, I also wear giant sunglasses and a really ugly (told you!) sun hat.


a) No matter how good the sunscreen is, and even if it is "oil-free," no one looks pretty covered in white paste.
b) I look terrible in hats. Always have, always will. My head is big. Hats are small.
c) Hair is dirty because I usually wait until evening to shower, knowing that it's going to get sunscreen in it and have a hat on it.
d) I don't feel self conscious walking down the street dressed head-to-toe in black with incognito sunglasses and a sun hat because my neighborhood is culturally diverse, I see men in dresses and women carrying sun umbrellas, plus Austin is a little weird so they probably just look at me and go, "oh, biggie."
e) I am not smirking in this photo. I am grimacing because I was sweaty and got sunscreen in my mouth and sunscreen tastes like shit.
f) Yes, mom, I put my nose ring back in. It's part of my mid-life crisis and I'm enjoying it.
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