Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The best thing I can do to make up for lost time...

Is to explain how I've been spending it. I just celebrated my one-year anniversary with, an incredible startup in Austin. My official title is Content Strategist, but I really see it as "I spend my days helping people find jobs." I also get to give advice to job seekers and people who already have jobs.

I do a lot of writing, but also a lot of research. For example, I spent (along with several team members) weeks/months vetting ALL the job search sites in the universe to come up with a list of site that have no spam, no scam, and legitimate jobs. We came up with a list of 210 job search sites out of thousands. Yes, my company also has job listings. Some of these companies list jobs with us, but not all. The bottom line is that it's more important to find jobs for people than it is to send them to our site for a search (it's just a bonus that, by our standards, Jobs2Careers would have made the list too).

Here's the link to the list of Top 210 Job Search Sites for 2016. Maybe there's something for you here. If not, please SHARE! I know I have dozens of freelancing friends who will love the Freelance section, lots who work remotely (there's a section for that), and people who need gigs to make ends meet until they find that dream job.

Thanks for letting me share what I'm proud of working on this year! Transparency is my new thing.

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