Thursday, November 11, 2004

A little Democratic revenge...
There's a great essay in about how we (Democrats) can get back at "red America" for the election results with deviant sex, movies that threaten decency, and banned books. Go here to read it (you might have to watch an ad for a day pass if you're not a premium subscriber).

I'm off to do my part: I'll read my dog-eared copy of Slaughterhouse Five. Then I'll watch some movies that take me back to the good old days when Mel Gibson's ass didn't make me think of Jesus. And, finally, I'm adding "develop fetishes" and "act like a whore" on my To-Do List.


  1. Uhm, KLo...just now 'adding' "act like a whore"? Hasn't that been on the list for years now? HAHAHAHAH, God, I make myself laugh!

  2. Oh, how I miss my sweet and charming Charlie. I've yet to meet another man brave enough to call me a whore! (at least, not in person). Thanks, C. Takes me back.


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