Thursday, January 07, 2016

Sharing the love and the weird...

Aleigh used to write these great blog posts on things her friends said via email (I think that's what it was called). I'm stealing the idea, except with texts. I didn't even ask if I could. The two of us and another friend, who I will call "Erin" (because that's her name), have had a years-long group text exchange. I can't remember when it started...sometime in the year after I moved to Austin...but I know it will probably last forever. I hope it will. They make me laugh like no-one else can.

Also science says having friends is just as important to your health as exercise. I text/talk to these two waaaaay many more minutes than I spend at the gym.

Two notes: 1) none of these texts are work-related and 2) many of the phrases are mine, but I'm not saying which ones; nor am I identifying the others.

  • You know you're getting older when you spend more money on makeup and food than booze.
  • Age defy all the things!
  • Dear god asparagus. Why? WHY? You know that scene in The Exorcist where the priest's mom goes "why Dimi why you do dis to meee?" That's what I feel like saying to asparagus after I pee.
  • Not that I have ever noticed. Maybe I just can't smell it!
  • My mother is taking pictures of her TV screen and texting them to me.
  • I need a million dollars, stat.
  • Quick get Satan and make a pact. 
  • I used to have him in my contacts but the last time I texted him he was all like "new phone who dis."
  • Satan is an asshole. I texted that I needed to remove four years from my life that I wasted on shitheads and all I got was LOL GRRRRRL.
  • You definitely need a lady's maid. 
  • I rang a fucking bell for some cottage cheese and blueberries like an hour ago and bitch still hasn't shown up. I HAVE TO WALK TO MY KITCHEN.
  • Please save me.
  • I think if I cried more often I'd be a better person.
  • Okya I’m drrunka.
  • Feel free to smack me the very next time you see me if I have become annoying.
  • Me when it was time to leave work for the holidays:

I love these group text exchanges. I live for them. There's an awful lot of talk about bodily functions, things that shall never be repeated, even if attributed anonymously. I have announced that I was renaming Thanksgiving "Bakesgiving." Once there was a three-day long exchange about malevolent vaginas. And it was funny as hell. But there was also a day-long exchange about the relevance of historic landmarks and whitewashing history (we have these sometimes so we remember that we're smart).

We live states apart, but laugh and cry together as much as we ever did when we lived in the same city. No matter what happens in my life here, these two are always in my pocket. I'm not very good at telling people how much they mean to me, but I have no trouble telling these two lifelines how much I love them. I hope everyone is so lucky.


  1. Totally forgot about those posts and I LOVE THIS ONE.

  2. It's the GIF that really makes it! JK, it's how much I love you bitches 4ever.

  3. This is where I lost it: I used to have him in my contacts but the last time I texted him he was all like "new phone who dis." I love when my Feedly lights up with a dose of Microfamous. xoxo

  4. I adore you, Angie! Thanks for being my cheerleader (whether you know it or not...I am so inspired by all the places you'll be sharing your wisdom in 2016)! XOXO!


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