50 Things

1. I was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. Fall River is famous for Lizzie Borden, Emeril Lagasse, and…well, that’s pretty much it.

2. My birthday is November 17.

3. I’m happily single and holding. Holding out for my Lloyd Dobler, that is.

4. I hate it when people ask me how old I am. I'm stuck in perpetual adolescence.

5. We moved a lot when I was a kid because my mother’s husband was in the Navy.

6. I lived on Guam when I was in the first grade and went to school every day with no shoes on (it was a public school in Agana and none of the other kids wore shoes either). My teacher’s name was Ms. Cruz and she used to come to our house for dinner.

7. My mother is a therapist. I had the entire contents of the DSM III-R memorized before I was 12 years old. I was a psychological hypochondriac throughout my teens.

8. My first best friend’s name was Kirsten and she lived across the street from us in Newport, RI.

9. I grew up in Charleston and moved to Austin, TX, in January of 2010.

10. I have three sisters, two older and one younger, seven nieces and one nephew.

11. My hands and feet are often cold.

12. I had a fake ID when I was 16 years old so I could drink and play pool in biker bars.

13. There's nothing I hate more than cleaning my house. I used to have a cleaning lady, but it made me feel lazy, so I now I do it. I'm tidy mostly because I know I'm going to have to clean up after myself.

14. I adore tiny vegetables. I will eat any vegetable, even weird ones, if they are tiny.

15. When I was a kid, I had night terrors. All I can remember of them now is that they featured streams of numbers, like binary code but with all numbers instead of just zeroes and ones.

16. I skipped the second grade and had to go to summer school after the fourth grade.

17. My best friend since childhood died when I was 23. It took me almost 10 years to realize I will never be able to replace him.

18. I am cynically optimistic. I could never commit suicide because I always feel like tomorrow will be better.

19. My natural hair color is auburn, but it’s been every color of the rainbow (except green). It is currently dark red.

20. I read at least four books a month. I am never far from my Kindle.

21. I like to cook, but I never tell anyone because I don’t want them to think I’m domestic.

22. I am pro-choice. I am also pro-adoption.

23. I don’t like science fiction. It makes me uncomfortable. That includes Star Wars, Star Trek, and anything outer space. A friend got me hooked on Doctor Who in 2011 and I have to retract this statement.

24. Sometimes I wish I had a father. Only sometimes.

25. I silently correct other peoples' grammar. I used to do it out loud, but curbed the habit because it seemed rude.

26. My ideal man is a combination of Steve Martin, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Sam Rockwell. In that order.

27. I hate guns, but after I was assaulted when I was 22, I learned how to use one.

28. I am against war, but I might change my mind if upper middle class white Republicans would start sending their kids overseas to get shot at. I believe in peace, bitch.

29. I don’t think “feminist” is a dirty word. I like the word "humanist." I also like the word "equality."

30. I like soy hot dogs (Smartdogs!) better than regular hot dogs.

31. I would do anything to not have to shave my legs. Except permanent laser hair removal.

32. I currently have three four tattoos. The most recent is a blue nautical star on the inside of my right wrist that I got while in NYC in June of 2006. The most recent is a black vintage lace band around my left bicep that I got in Austin on my birthday in November, 2011.

33. I have mellowed with age.

34. I love living in the South. Except during the summer. I hate heat.

35. In 2005, I found out that I have diabetes. The diagnosis changed my life. For the better.

36. I can play guitar. Some people say I can sing, but that’s up for debate. I used to sing and play in public until I decided that I’m happier not performing in front of an audience. I really belt it out in the shower though.

37. I’ve always wanted a pink-on-pink girly bedroom (“blush and bashful . . . I have chosen two shades of pink, one is much deeper than the other."). But I think I’m too old for that now so my bedroom is red.
My bedroom in Charleston was pink. On pink. Because I changed my mind about being too old. I now live in a townhouse rental in Austin and I don't think they'd like it if I painted the bedroom pink.

38. I think birds are strong.

39. I love to roller-skate. Xanadu is one of my favorite movies.

40. I don’t like to go dredging up the past, but often do it anyway.

41. I worry a lot, but it comes from a place of love.

42. I love animals with flat faces. I have a Himalayan cat (seal-lynx point) named Ninotchka. I wanted a Brussels Griffon dog (like the one in As Good As It Gets) to be her friend, but got a Pomeranian named Lulu Tiny Dancer in December of 2008 instead. The dog and the cat are not "friends."

43. I am not pretty when I cry. I don’t cry often and never rarely in front of anyone.

44. In third grade, I played Sacajawea in a school play. My mother made my costume and it was very nice, but she tried to Rit-Dye one of my baby dolls to look Native American and it came out purple. Not very Shoshone. So I carried a purple papoose on my back for the play.

45. I have insomnia. I have had tricks for my insomnia for as long as I can remember. One of my most recent is to try and remember the words to “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll.

46. I’m straight, but not narrow-minded.

47. I have a slight overbite.

48. I have an unlimited reserve of scorn for: Conservative Republicans, right-wing Christians, women who act helpless or talk in baby voices on purpose, women who bitch about being single, men who eat at Hooters, people who kill animals for sport (not for food), the wedding industry, lazy people, people who want something from me but pretend they don’t, corporate governance, and anyone who takes what isn’t theirs.

49. I can’t go on a road trip without an audio book on my iPod.

50. People who make me laugh can be my friends forever.

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  1. Thank You Kelly Love for your 50 Things. Makes me wonder what my 50 things are. (Is that a dangling participle?) (Well, I am from 3 miles west of East Texas so, please, feel free to correct my grammar but I am not sure that it will do any good.) Sometimes I think "who cares what MY 50 things are" but I thoroughly enjoyed reading yours. I think that if we could all somehow have our 50 things posted on our person for everyone to read, it would be a better world. Anyway, thanks for putting yours out there. I'm fix'n to go write mine.
    p.s.My blog is not current but find me on facebook at Purple Anvil Metalworks.


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