Thursday, January 13, 2005

I'm an uncle now...
My younger sister had her first baby on Monday, a little early (she wasn't due until February), but mom and baby are just fine. The only weird thing is that he's a HE. I have three sisters, two of them had two girls each, and one of my nieces had a baby girl last year. Except for the younger sister's husband (who finds ways to hide during family functions) and my older sisters' ex-husbands, there were NO BOYS in my family. Until now.

It just seems strange after growing up with all sisters, followed by years and years of all nieces (most of them born while I was in high school or college), to have a nephew. I feel like I should be an uncle instead of an aunt, like there should be a significant change in MY title since we have a boy in the fam now. I'm still Aunt Kelly, but have decided to refer to him as "Baby Boy Connor" so I don't forget and accidentally buy him a pink ruffled dress.

The most entertaining thing for me this week has been sitting in my sister's hospital room and hearing all of the bizarro information and advice from her visitors. Like her high school friend's mom, who told Katie if you breast feed a boy, he'll grow up to love breasts, but if you don't, he'll love ASS. I almost choked on her hospital Jell-o when I heard that little slice of wisdom.


  1. I've been waiting for the "I have a nephew" post.

    Just wait until he discovers his man-parts. And pees in your sister's face while she's changing him for the first time. They have these things called "pee-pee teepees" (seriously!) for you to put on your little boys, um, parts, while you're changing him, so that doesn't happen. But I don't know anyone who's actually USED them.

    So...pee in the face. It's coming.

  2. Katie has actually already been "christened." He peed on her when she changed his diapers in the hospital. HiLARious.

    I am having fun buying his little clothes - a tiny leather bomber jacket and itty bitty blue jeans. And a teeny pair of Nikes. He has three "I love my Aunt" onesies already.

  3. That whole breastfeeding theory has some validity to it. My son, now almost 5, likes to stroke me in public and croon "Be nice to the booby" - that's got therapy written all over it, doesn't it?
    Anyway, congrats on Uncle-hood. Remember, you will be the only other Penile role model besides Daddy now.
    COme see my blatherings sometime at


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