Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"You hate people." "Yes, but I love gatherings. Isn't it ironic?"
I went to this place last night for this event. Yes, those are men in skirts. No, I didn't eat any of the canapes with the green stuff. Yes, my feet still hurt from standing in heels for almost three hours. No, I wasn't the one who horked all over the ladies' bathroom a half hour into the event (A word of advice: Pace yourself).

Around 10 or 11 of us stayed after the event to have dinner and much hilarity ensued. I'd fill you in on the whole thing, but most of it doesn't translate well in print. Like the "I was a lesbian once in college" stories, or Claire's imitation of Rachel Ray on $40 a day in Amsterdam that almost made Michael choke on his suckling pig.

Speaking of, last night I learned that suckling pig is just baby pig, not the pig that is served with an apple in it's mouth (I always thought it meant the pig was sucking on the apple).


  1. Damn! I ALWAYS miss the funny stuff!

  2. Hey, I wasn't the one who ordered it! I had the flounder with white beans. I highly recommend it...if you'd EVER come visit Charleston again! (I mean, come on down and see us sometime, sweetie...)


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