Tuesday, June 28, 2005

That's way too LOL for me.
As much as I hate the term "LOL" (actually, I use it as shorthand for a truly geeky-in-a-bad-way person, as in "he's just not my type...he was all LOL and sh*t"), it would be appropriate to say I LOL'ed* for about an hour this morning watching video on this web site. I heard about CryingWhileEating.com on NPR's Day to Day yesterday. The concept: People crying while eating various food items. And they film themselves doing it. Crying. And eating.

I'll be sending in my own clip soon. Something like the following...
What she's eating: A Spamwich.
What she's crying about: Not knowing who her real friends are.


*I promise to never use this term again, except in conversation with Michael who like totally gets it.


  1. hahahahahaha!
    Mine would be eating gummie bears, crying because I burned my tongue on a pizza at lunch.
    LOL LOL (jk)

  2. Dr. Lamb told Ian that you're a "mover and a shaker."



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