Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I can always find something to piss me off...
Mr. Bush said turning over Ms. Miers's White House documents would undermine the ability of presidents to receive confidential, unfettered advice from White House officials who might be constrained by the knowledge that such advice could be made public.

Um, bitchass? It's my country too. Get up off of the info so the rest of us (not to mention the Senate Judiciary Committee) can make up our minds. Dear God, what else can you f*ck up? You're already leaving a terrible legacy; why make it worse? I pray every night you'll screw up badly enough to get run out of office in shame so we can fix the mess you've made. Bottom line is, you're a tool. A stupid and dangerous tool, but a tool nonetheless. And there aren't too many people left who haven't figured it out (and it only took SIX YEARS...maybe I was wrong about 80% of Americans being functionally illiterate, tv-watching, bible-thumping, jaw-snapping assclowns).


  1. Bush is such simpleton and I say by late Friday or early next week Ms.Miers will pull her name from the nomination process.

  2. Amen sister and I don't think you were wrong about 80%. A CNN poll said that Bush would not win an election right now. Big freakin' deal. Fat lot of good that does us now.
    As for Ms. Miers, excuse my conspiracy theory but I'm convinced she was a pawn put up to be knocked down so he can get his real first choice confirmed, one of those anti-choice ultra conservative female judges that were recently named to the Federal bench.
    Remember Robert Bork came before Clarence Thomas? I think they think since one nominee got blasted out Congress won't dare reject another one.
    Be afraid, be very afraid.


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