Friday, November 18, 2005

Another year older...
With age comes wisdom. What I’ve learned, the thirty-[coughcough] anniversary edition:

* I finally broke my mother of her tradition of calling me at 2:35 a.m. on my birthday to remind me that she was in labor XX years ago to the very minute. It was a stitch when I was in my 20s and likely to still be out on the town when she called, but at 30, I am less amused by being woken up at that hour.

* When it comes to tangibles, I have everything I really want or need.

* I stopped aging four years ago so I no longer have to worry about crow’s feet, frown lines, or not being cute anymore. I am as cute today as I was at 16.

* I would have a nine-martini hangover right now if I could still drink alcohol. I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would.

* You can always count on yourself. Rather than relying on other people to make me happy and resenting them when they don’t, the only person who I am emotionally dependent on is me.

* I’m grateful for the years that have led me to the place I am now — including the hard times, mistakes, and heartaches.

* A strawberry with a candle in it is an excellent substitute for birthday cake.


  1. See, it's the candlelit strawberry situation... I mean, strawberries are succulent and all, especially dipped in dark chocolate...

    If you need a cake, just say. Devil's Food or Angel's?

  2. A man after my own heart...
    given the option, I'll pick the Devil every time!

    I did get a lovely cake at the office, but since I don't eat refined sugar, the lovely cake-baker also brought some lovely strawberries for me.

  3. I'll bake you a honey cake. Don't mess with Aunt Jemima. Happy Birthday, Kelly!

    happy birthday darlin. sad i'm not there to celebrate.
    enjoy & big hug.

  5. It was a lovely birthday altogether, but mostly because I subscribe to the same idea about birthdays that Kelly does; namely, they're not an excuse for a party, they're an excuse to treat yourself right and do whatever-the-hell you want to do.

    Happy Birthday, K. Love. You rock my world.

  6. Happy birthday. I believe I will stop aging soon too. And I will do the drinking for you tonight ;)


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