Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I wish the rest of the world would figure out that McAmerica is McF*ckedup...

I love Indian food so much that sometimes I dream about it, but this makes me want to empty the contents of my stomach into a Ziploc and mail it to Mumbai. Leave it to the fast food industry to screw with my perfect vision of samosa. Pardon my dry heaves.


  1. The McAloo Tikki? Wha? I am rigid with disgust. Did you SEE all of that mayonnaise? (shudder)

  2. The one that completely baffles me (and turns my stomach at the same time) is the "Veg McCurry Pan" eggless Bechamel sauce (??) with "exotic" vegetables (like broccoli and mushroom).

    Interestingly enough - they deliver!

  3. you haven't made it until you've been fugged - did you see our Ms. Miranda July on Go Fug Yourself?


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