Thursday, December 29, 2005

How I'm spending my winter vacation...
I don't have to go back to the office until January 3rd, which means I am in the middle of an 11-day stretch of not working. Which we all know drives me a little nuts, but I can still be productive. I've done my share of couch-and-channel surfing, but I've also crossed tons of things off my to-do lists. What I've been doing so far:

*Staying up very late means not fighting insomnia, and I love that.

*Sleeping late. Wish I could do it every day.

*Puttering around the house is one of my favorite pasttimes. I have already rearranged my bedroom furniture and hung my Christmas gift to myself on the wall in my bathroom. It is a photo by the very talented Lolly Koon and looks like it has always belonged there.

*Knitting (the scarf I finished for my sister inspired me to make a few more like it).

*Making art. I finally have the time to put all of the ideas I keep in my artist's journal down on paper.

Stay tuned. I'll either go completely batshit crazy and someone will have to talk me out of the corner where I'm rocking back and forth and muttering about deadlines and printer proofs, or I'll return to work on the 3rd with a renewed outlook, the memories of me bad-mooding all over the place in early December completely wiped out.


  1. There's always cat portraiture to experiment with. If you have a camera, a cat, and some free time during the holidays.

    Cats love to pose for portraits. They especially like it when you pose them with little Santa hats.

  2. Is "bat shit crazy" synonymous for weird?

  3. good lord, i love your journal pages. i need to start one of my own. my favorite artist that inspires me to do stuff like that is sabrina ward harrison. i think you'd love her site. ;)

  4. Very nice Christmas gift you got for yourself! Will check out more Lolly Koon.

  5. Jason - Don't think I haven't taken hundreds of cat photos...I'm just too embarassed to post them or put them on my Flickr account.
    Ida - Batshit crazy is to weird as coquette is to little flirt. Do they still have those on the college boards?
    Sarcomical - thanks for the nice words! I will check out Sabrina Ward Harrison - I think I have one of her books around somewhere.

  6. What was that snappy saying you used at Raval about your plan to embrace the weird in 2006? For as much as it made me laugh, I can not remember your witty turn of phrase. Help! (So I may use it to taunt others... obviously.. heh)

  7. Was it "don't waste the weird?"

  8. I think so...


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