Monday, January 16, 2006

I was wrong. Please come back. I miss you.
Really, I didn't think I'd miss my digital cable as much as I do. Apparently, I'm watching WAY too much television. And I'm having self-esteem issues with myself, as I have to remind myself that I only have REGULAR cable now, that there is NO FOURTH REMOTE, and I can't hit buttons to make the TV tell me what the channel I'm watching is showing RIGHT NOW.

I've passed denial, anger and bargaining, now I'm on to depression. Acceptance is right around the corner. We're going to get through this. Yes we are.

To ease my suffering, I visited The Redhead's DVD lending library (thanks, Erin!) and borrowed the following: 28 Days Later, Secretary, Unbreakable, Pirates of the Caribbean, and a special edition Seven. I've seen Secretary, but only once when it came out at the theater. Turns out I'd seen 28 Days Later also, but didn't realize I had until about an hour into the movie. Maybe a little more reading and a little less vacantly staring at the people who inhabit my television would do my brain cells some good.

Interesting thing I noted while browsing The Redhead's collection: She doesn't have any "embarrassing" DVDs - you know, the ones we buy because it sounds like a good idea at the time, or the ones we hide of the movies you love but never admit to anyone. Like Good Burger (shut up!). The Wraith (Charlie Sheen drives a killer Dodge!). Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo (shut up!). Piranha. Pirahna II. Leprechaun. Leprechaun 2. Flash Gordon ("Flash....ahhahhhh...savior of the universe..." Again, shut up!). I think the most embarrassing movie Erin had was The Cutting Edge, and I can't talk smack about it because Michael loves that one too. Of course, she could be hiding Vampires Los Muertos or Frankenhooker under the couch. One never knows, does one?


  1. Er... well you should know that purely based on your suggestion the other day, i called up my cable company today and dropped myself from the highest TV package (£19.99 a month) down to the basic package (£5.50) a month, thus saving myself £173 a year. The only thing i'll miss is havign two music channels instead of twenty. And I feel OKAY about it! :-)

    Now I /could/ save myself a furthur £12 a month by dropping back down from 10Mb broadband back down to 2Mb... but will I ever do that?? noooo way!! i like my speed too much ...

  2. Congratulations for letting that go! Our cable is CRAZY expensive here - almost $100 a month for digital and all premium. I think with the "preferred basic" we'll still be over $50 a month. I can't believe I thought about letting it go entirely.

  3. Of course she's hiding embarassing movies under the sofa...along with multiple well-thumbled copies of The Da Vinci Code.

  4. I think the most embarrassing movie I own is...well, actually, there are too many embarrassing ones to choose the one that ranks at #1.

    Let's just say I own The Cutting Edge, too.

    At least I'm marginally cooler in that I own it on VHS and didn't consider it a necessity to duplicate it for my DVD collection.

  5. The Wraith...hmm, haven't seen that one in a long time...but i still love it.

  6. I knew it!! I knew you'd miss your digital cable, especially the channel guide. I love that!

  7. Ha! I have a VHS of The Cutting Edge too. And Legend. Oh, and Labrinth!!! Love David Bowie.

    I bet The Redhead has a worn out copy of The Fifth Element or something stashed under her pillow.

  8. Flash Gordon was probably THE movie of my youth. My first vinyl album ever was the Queen soundtrack for Flash and of course I have the CD now...No guilt. Its hilariously wonderful.


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