Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How much does happiness cost?
My bigass check for jury duty came in the mail yesterday. I earned a whopping $39.15 for three days of knitting and not being in the office. And I think for sending a man to prison, though I really don't know what the sentence was.

Now I have to decide what to spend the money on? Since it isn't enough to buy a new guitar or new shoes, my choices are:

* Wilco tickets (they're in town tomorrow night and second tier tix are still available).
* How to be Lovely (because I need to learn this)
* A down payment on my new tattoo.
* Hand it over to the woman who served on the jury with me whose job wasn't paying her for being there. I know where she works.

What do you think?


  1. Were you to hand it over to the other woman, you would be blessed beyond belief... Wow. To be so generous

  2. At least the government pays promptly.

    I *just* (yesterday) received a check for a story that was published in August. I was afraid I'd have to pay taxes on the money I'd "earned" before I'd even had a chance to cash the check.

  3. OK, the Wilco ticket is a given because I've decided to go anyway, but I do think I'm going to deliver the $$ to that woman who was on the jury with me. I'd like to do it anonymously though because she's not a taker. Any ideas?

  4. If you want to do it anonymously, maybe a gift card is the way to go. You could get a practical one (grocery store or something) and mail it to /leave it at her job.

    That's really thoughtful of you.

  5. I second the grocery gift card idea. Random acts of kindness are awesome.

  6. Eh. I say do what you want with the money. You EARNED it having to sit through jury duty.

    It's all altruistic and shit to give it to the lady whose jackasses weren't paying her. (BTW was that company's initials CR**?? or perhaps Anchor Sign?)

  7. Yeah, you won't have any fun with $39.15, but you can get a big vicarious altruism thrill by giving that money to someone who really needs it.

  8. Have you already acquired this tattoo? So I saw you last night and you didn't show it to me? Wench. It's smokin hot.

    I say get a gift card for Publix and mail it to the woman anonymously. Too bad there's not a website where you could report her employer for being a bunch of heartless curs.

  9. I haven't gotten the tattoo (yet...and mine will be blue inside), Wilco was great, and I decided to go with the gift card option. Thanks for the great ideas! And Jem, remind me to show you the birthmark on my ass next time I see you. :o)

    Charlie you're still a bastard, god love you. It wasn't either one of those companies. I wish I could tell you that it is Wal Mart, but it isn't.

    And many, many thanks to the lovely man who contacted me and offered to represent me pro bono to get the money to her. My faith in the legal profession (and the human race) has been restored.


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