Monday, May 22, 2006

It's been months since my last Cat Post, so don't freak out or anything...

I've been working at home this week while our office is in the throes of moving from our current location to a larger one around the corner. Besides the lack of ringing phones, being able to do my laundry while I work, not wearing makeup or blow drying my hair, and listening to the new Goldfrapp CD at top volume, I also get to work with my home office buddy who is thrilled to tiny little pieces that I am here all day. She doesn't contribute a lot, but has mastered the art of the well-timed interruption (I had a brainstorm while being summoned to open the bathroom window so she could sit in the sill and watch the birds, plus I know she won't forget to let me know when it's time for lunch).



  1. Send me that photograph!
    I almost choked on my lunch when the image loaded.

    She needs to go on the bulletin board.

  2. I love that photo!!!! What a great expression. A picture is worth a thousand words!

  3. She's beautiful. My cat is the same way, when I'm trying to work, he'll step on the keyboard and lie down on the paper I'm writing on.

    It's the only time he wants affection. The ONLY time. Ever.

  4. What is kitty thinking?

    A)If only I could remember her name.

    B)Still got it. I can make her get up every time.

    C)Next I'll dash to the bathroom and ask for the water to be turned on. She really likes that.

    D)She doesn't know that I just pooted.

  5. What a fluffy, funny face!


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