Thursday, June 29, 2006

The best mirror is an old friend...

MK and me, getting our Happy Hour on.

*She's known me the best and the longest of all of my friends (since our first year of college), and loves me anyway.
*She can make me laugh even when I'm too sad to think anything is funny.
*She's the first person I call when something good happens.
*I trust her like I trust no-one else.
*She makes me feel like I'm a teenager (in a good way).
*The photo isn't blurry because we went all Blanche DuBois and asked for the fuzzy lens. It's blurry because I think I forgot to turn on the autofocus before asking a handsome man to take our photo.
*My top says "Rock & Roll or DIE."
*No, I did not just make her spit out her gum into my hand.
*Yes, I might have accidentally been copping a feel.


  1. Hmmm....Yeah. I think you were feeling her up.

  2. I'm almost afraid to say this because of what you wrote before but what is that, the gorgeous redhead club? Very nice pic.

  3. Erin get the prize for the funniest fcuking person of the week. Love the link.

  4. TJ - That's what SHE said! Really, that's what she said.

    Eric - yes, it is. Thank you.

    Anon - do you mean MK is the funniest person? Because Erin is not in the photo and the link is to MK/Morgen's Myspace page with the funniest f*cking clips from her show EVER.

  5. The fact that you brought a camera to a social event is still making my head spin a little. And then the fact that you actually handed it over to someone and ASKED HIM TO TAKE YOUR PICTURE...I think hell just froze over.

    Kel, you have come a long way, baby!

  6. Opps! Meant Eric!

  7. People ask me why I can't tell who the anon commenters are. I have no idea. I rarely check my stats and wouldn't be able to figure it out if I did. You don't have to have a blogger account to comment. You can pick "other" and put a name in - any name, a nickname, whatever - so I'll know who you are. Otherwise I'll think I have freaky stalkers.

  8. You both look very pretty in this photo. And probably in person too. Can I be your new freaky stalker?



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