Thursday, July 27, 2006

Because I'm pretty on the inside...

Before I get a stress fracture in my jaw from clenching my teeth so hard, it's time for another episode of "Things I Should Be Happy About Instead of Worrying About Unimportant Crap."

What I think is freakin' sweet:
Pad Thai for lunch. The special edition DVD of my favorite movie, The Boondock Saints, that Erin brought me just for watering her plants while she was away. A new Parker Posey movie. They took the scaffolding off the windows. Poems that make my heart hurt. Days of the week magnets. Plum tomatoes from Michael's garden that I ate like apples last night after my bowl of cereal dinner. Iron-on letters. Daydreaming about how to spend my next vacation. Elegant prose. Participatory art. A new musical revolution. Being an Alpha female and not a Gamma girl. Summer afternoon thunderstorms. Kitty porn. Electronica in the background. Putting stamps on envelopes taking care of the Business of Me.


  1. Those are def some bitchin' stamps....

    ...sorry, I got stuck in that urban dictionary, that is so neat.

    If it makes you feel any better, I grind my teeth too.

  2. You freaked me out - I just watched The Boondock Saints and Parker Posey is brilliant!

  3. OhmigodthereisanewParkerPoseymovie. I must see it NOW! I love love love her. I luuuurve her. I would totally be her best friend, and I would have warned her against Ryan Adams from the start.

  4. Josephine - It does make me feel better, thank you. I have learned many things from Urban Dictionary.

    TJ - that is really weird. Most of the people I know have never heard of The Boondock Saints. How did you find it?

    Jem - Parker Posey is my idol. I want her to play me in the movie about my life that hasn't been written yet.


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