Monday, August 28, 2006

Because pink is my signature color...

And because I don't feel like writing about my latest episode of Car-ma (getting tagged by a speeding vehicle while backing out of a parking one was hurt, car will be fixed, no big...), tendonitis (getting better, thank you), or how close I am to turning into a complete and total recluse, I give you: My new pink bedroom.

"I have chosen two shades of pink, one is much deeper than the other." ~ Shelby, Steel Magnolias

This was last weekend's home improvement project (with MK's free labor and Erin's paint color advice). The color is called "ice pink" (Lowe's American Traditions), but I prefer to call it "blush" or "bashful." I originally intended to use existing decor (deep red quilt, caramel drapes, etc.) but when Michael decided he didn’t want the Jonathan Green print that used to hang in our living room, I decided to take a risk and use the print as a d├ęcor guide (I’ve talked about decorating around it for years…the color combos are weird and I love them). More photos (including a few taken with flash so you can see the paint color in bright light) on my Flickr page.

The raspberry duvet cover was a Big Lots (!) find for $15 and I don’t mind telling you that I looked up the brand online later and it retails for about $200. No rips, no tears. I also got the curtain rods ($3 each) and the brushed metal lamps ($24.99 each). Love the Big Lots. The dark chocolate pillow shams and bed skirt are from Target and the side table on the right was a Habitat store find from a few weeks ago. Including paint, I think total cost of redecoration was about $200. And I love the space now, particularly being in the larger bedroom. I look good in pink.

Next project was going to be fixing up my old bedroom to be guest room/sitting room, but I think it’s going to be fixing my two-year-old car now that it has lost its accident virginity.


  1. It's so pretty and serene!

  2. I have taught you sooooo well on the label-whoring. Good work, KLJ! It looks awesome.

  3. Thank you! It's very girly and I was worried that it might not be a friendly environment to male visitors (not that they're taking numbers at the door...), but after the dark drapes went up, I think even the manliest of men would be happy there. And if not, I don't want him sleeping over anyway.

  4. Will you be sleeping with Blaine or Ducky first?

  5. Gotta be Ducky! Seriously, Blaine? Blaine is a suburb (of Minneapolis). You can't bring a suburb home and still respect yourself.

    Nice work on the redecorating.


  6. your bedroom is HUGE. The colors show up so well on Flickr. Love the bedroom Kelly.

  7. No question: Ducky. I would make Blaine cry.
    And thanks! The BR is huge - love those old Charleston houses...high ceilings and hardwood. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to wall to wall carpeting and apartment living.

  8. Excellent job. I love color in other people's houses, just not my own. My mind is too full of people, so I've got to have white and cream and grey...

    It looks really pretty with that wood floor.

  9. Josephine - my former roommate is the same way. I think my painting the kitchen summer tomato and the bathroom lime green last year finally drove him to buy his own place, which looks like it was decorated by Calvin Klein (khakis and beiges and soothing meditative greens).

  10. Love it. Love the duvet, love the walls, love the curtains.

  11. Am I the only one to whom this room looks orange?

    I love it - but I love fall colors, so I probably like it better in the picture (orange) than I would in person (pink).

    - M

  12. Marcheline - it does look a little orange, but I think that's the lighting (and it was one without the flash). If you click through and look at the other photos on my flickr account, there are a couple taken with flash so you can see the true color!


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