Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Must stop self from becoming cat lady...

This is making me so weak. It's the same place I found Ninotchka (a.k.a. "Nina," a.k.a. "Miss Kitty"), so if I got one it would be distantly related. Like fourth or fifth cousins. But I promised I would stay a one-cat person because once you have two, why not three? Why not four? 20? Before you know it, you have 63 cats roaming all over the house and yard and they're shuffling you out of the house in robe and slippers to be "evaluated" in the mental ward.

So I thought of a way around it. I don't get a kitten, Nina does. I buy the kitten for Nina, and it is hers and not mine. She can name it and everything. When people come over to visit and say, "Oh, you have two cats?" I can say, "No. Nina is my cat. The little one is hers." I think she'd probably name it Rawwr. Or Mower. Or Mowow.

And that's my two big scoops of crazy for the day.


  1. Miss Kitty has a homeless doppelgänger wandering Tradd Street. Same coloring and hair. A vagrant South of Broad cat-- pedigreed to a t and a street cat nonetheless. You should adopt!

  2. You say "cat lady" like it's a bad thing. But you are correct. I have been fighting the kitten-lust for months now. Slats is getting old, I tell myself. He'll be gone soon and it'll just be the two boys, I tell myself. Then I go clean the litter box. That usually cures me.

  3. OK, you know I'm not a cat person, although I make an exception for a few extraordinary felines, including Miss Ninotchka fancypants herself. And yet even I find myself thinking those little kitties are super-cute, and since I have crossed over the two-dog line and have no (serious) thoughts of adding a third, I think if you would like another little kitty cat, you can get one without risking cat-lady status.

    Plus, then they can keep each other company. It works with the pooches.

  4. I LOVE Mowow. That's a perfect name for Ninas kitten.

    And there comes a point where you have to ask yourself if you really give a flying rats ass if anyone calls you a crazy cat lady.

    If it's not one thing or another, it's at the very least bitch...

  5. you can be like the crazy cat lady from The Simpsons:)

  6. I'm with JanetLee--"cat lady" isn't such a bad thing. I do think that animal acquisition is a slippery slope. Walter and I have three cats and one dog now, and I strongly suspect we'll get more.

  7. I'm probably going to get hate mail (or hate comments) for this, but I am scared to adopt because Nina has never been outdoors or around other animals and I don't want her to catch FIV or other diseases. If I keep it in the family I know the cat I get won't have them. My sister had four cats die from one she brought home.

    Cat lady = more than 10 cats. And that is a bad thing. At the least, a stinky thing. I hate catbox smell. And eventually I might want to have a relationship with like, another human or something.

  8. Josephine - Mowow it is! I want the orange one. He looks like a Mowow.

    And then there's the dog alternative. As long as it has a flat face and doesn't need me for anything. Wait, that would still be a cat...

  9. Are you going to get it? The orange puffy one? Are you? I like "Ponzu" for an orange kitty. It sounds so...pouncy.

    Two cats does not a cat lady make. I think more than three is the magic scary number. But are you sure Nina won't hate you/punish you/kill you and eat your brains for bringing a kitten home?


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