Friday, August 04, 2006

Scraptacular Friday...

Even though I have an abundance of notebooks specifically meant to record thoughts, lists and important information, I can't seem to shake my scrap habit. Every week I have a pile of scribbled-on random bits of paper collected from pockets, car, bag, and stuck inside the pages of the llama notebook I bought at the Gap 10 years ago. I write on anything I can get my hands on - sometimes while driving - band-aid wrappers, post-it notes, old receipts (my accountant is always amused), envelopes, cancelled checks, check stubs, other people's business cards, and pages torn from magazines. This is my scrap pile from this week. I haven't made sense of it all yet (I save that chore for a quiet Sunday), but here are some of the random things I wrote down:
*I'm worried about real life. (Overheard, but I am too).
*"We get to choose who we let in to our weird little worlds." (during a Fresh Air interview with Robin Williams; the quote is from Good Will Hunting).
*Angry alpha, stealth alpha, evil alpha. Gamma? (for an essay I'm working on).
*Candy Jernigan (she's an artist who was married to Philip Glass before she died of liver cancer in 1991).
*Call Anassi (and a phone # on a post-it. I don't know who that is).
*85, 3pm. 93, 7pm. 115, 7am. 89, 11am. 65, 1pm. (blood sugar readings on a day when I skipped breakfast).
*Once got rid of a hard-to-break-up-with boyfriend by "accidentally" leaving a pregnancy test in the trash for him to see. Too careful, never even had a scare, but the idea of me having his child was enough to send him running... (also for an essay I'm working on).
*Tyler Florence's email address.
*A recipe for baked "fried" chicken that a friend sent me.
* (there was something there I wanted, but now can't remember what it was).


  1. I'm a scrapper too, and I thought I was alone in this world. It's great to know that someone else's brain works in a similar way.

  2. That is good to know! I wish I had some method to the madness though...half the time, I can't remember what the original meaning of what I wrote down, or why I was supposed to call someone, or what I was going to do with the list of seemingly random things. I bought a small moleskine datebook with a pocket back in June, but have yet to put it to use.

  3. Oh, if you're done with Tyler's email address, I'll take it. I have some food 911 he can help me with! ;)


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