Monday, October 23, 2006

How did our idea of beauty become so distorted?

Dove's new "evolution" commercial.

While I'd like to assume that everyone knows that people in real life don't look like the models in magazines, I was one of those teenage girls with torn-out pages pasted all over my closet doors so I could spend at least a small portion of each day wondering why I wasn't a size 0, why I wasn't five-foot-ten, why I wasn't perfect.

I love Dove.


  1. Wait -- are you saying that feeling is supposed to go away?

  2. I had not seen that commercial yet. I now love that commercial and am planning on blurbing it up on my blog.

    Thanks for pointing this my way. (As I respectfully delurk - Hello!)

    -- Kerri.

  3. This video is fantastic. How are we ever supposed to live up to these false ideas of beauty? And why do we even want to? I wish I didn't. I love TV but I hate adverts.

  4. I now feel vaguely nauseated and horrified, like I've turned over a rock and discovered something squiggly. Who at Dove is pushing this Real Beauty campaign? Because I want to send them a love letter.

  5. All you have to do to see the real side of what wealth and fame does to women is look at a picture - any picture, really - of Tara "Walking Hangover" Reid. Or Kate "Crackhead" Moss. Or Nicole "Bone Is The New Muscle" Richie.

    Then go forth and call yourself blessed.


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