Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What I’m doing instead of living my life...

Worrying about money.
Worrying about the world.
Worrying about specks of dust.
Watching too much TV.
Making excuses.
Reading about people who are living their lives.
Hiding out.
Being afraid.
Writing about all of the above.

Eventually I will spend so much time inside of my own head that I will simply implode and that will be the end of that: Death by Implosion.

My case will be studied by medical experts worldwide and a new medication will be developed to make people examine their external world instead of taking a magnifying glass to their thoughts 24 hours a day. People who have been hiding out for years will venture forth into the light of day, blinking and rubbing their eyes and speaking and touching, maybe even hugging and clapping and singing. They will communicate face to face. They will know their neighbor’s eye color. They will know the names of the dogs that run in the park. They will not have to use symbols to indicate their joy because other people will see them smiling and laughing out loud, even rolling on the floor laughing.

The holdouts (those who refuse to medicate) will have to go underground, literally, and live on the fringes of society where they never speak to anyone, not even each other. They will each think they are the one and only; they will believe they are right. They will know the world through screens—computer and television—and through sound, but never in real time and never in the brilliance of reality.

I hope they name a park after me.


  1. I'll propose that a skating rink be named in your honor. Make you happy?

    I'm sending the song from Little Miss Sunshine. That should momentarily halt your Death by Implosion.

    Check your email.

  2. Maybe they will name a fountain after me in the park they name after you...

  3. That story is COMPLETELY like a song Prince sang at Paisley Park many years ago. A bunch of my friends and I were at PP for a premier of one of his videos (I think it was for a song called "The One"), and he played for a while before asking if we wanted to go on a journey with him. Hell yeah we did. He told us if we wanted to stay, we’d have to stay until he let us go, but if we wanted to leave we had to leave right then. So about 50 people stayed (out of about 200) and he starts playing this "song" that lasts forever (around 3 or 4 hours). It was about an underground city where true believers will live fighting a war for truth, they are righteous, etc. Very strange stuff. And when we got out, it was about 5:00 a.m. and then we got donuts. Good times.

    So, long story short, maybe you should have donuts in your underground city.


  4. A Kelly Love Rink! That does make me happy. And love the Little Miss Sunshine songs. I am now a Devotchka fan.

    "Meet me by Sarah Fountain in Kelly Love Park." Yeaaaahhhh.

    I knew I'd find I had something in common with Prince if I lived long enough. Donuts for everyone!


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