Thursday, October 12, 2006

You make the rockin' world go round...

I swear to God I have not laughed in about a week. Not a smirk or a half-smirk. Not even a silent chuckle or giggle. My sense of humor had been sucked dry by out-of-control hormones, too much CNN, creeping apathy, finances, and a series of events that just made me believe people, in general, suck.

But yesterday, the sun broke through my evil little doom and gloom clouds and I laughed at the following things:

"The "BARRRNNTT BARRRNNT!!!" part is when "other person" for some reason gets right up in my face and wags their hands around like they are playing a large fish and hollers BARRNNNNTT BARRRRNTT at me." (from banjo-playin' Walter at Baxter Sez...I think it was the "BARRRRNNT" + the image of waggling hands that did it).

"It was not Pocket Knockers. I was striving for the almost-action shot a la the J.C. Penney Sunday paper advertisement." (Michael, after I speculated on what his hand might have been doing in his pocket in a photo emailed to us by a mutual friend. If I didn't think he'd give me a Friendship Time Out for it, I'd post that photo too).

"I too noticed your errant hand + package..." (Ida, who may or may not have been said mutual friend commenting on above referenced pic).

"oh my god i am like a muse. a muse for people that want to destroy their own lives." (from self-titled, whose blog I should visit more often because she always makes me cry from laughing).

I am changing my home page from to and swearing off news for at least a week because this makes me laugh hard enough to momentarily wipe out my worrying about nuclear war and plane crashes and pedophiles in positions of power in our government.

I called my BFF MK (Morgen in the Morning) during her show and requested "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen. Why I think this is funny: she had my friend Louis on the air to talk about his Louie's Kids organization (fighting obesity, one child at a time) and an upcoming Yoga-Thon . Both have a great sense of humor, so I wasn't worried they would think I was trying to disparage the message.

Besides, not only do I embrace my fat bottom, but I want the whole world to embrace my fat bottom. The whole world. So take a number and start forming an orderly line.


  1. oh my god that dog is fucking cute.

  2. I lost my tv in the move and haven't watched the news in a couple of weeks.

    I am starting to see a positive change in my overall demeanor. Interesting...

  3. one question:

    if i embrace it, will you still respect me in the morning ... or will you just slap the crap out of me?

  4. Josephine - I've actually toyed with the idea of dropping cable tv altogether...but I hate to miss my late night Cartoon Network! Wishing Comcast had a package called "rose-colored glasses" that eliminates all news and reality programming.

    Earl - I would never slap anyone for embracing-by-invitation!


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