Thursday, January 04, 2007

The business of me: 2006 annual report

From the Slacking Off Department
Seasons of Northern Exposure watched: 5
High score on Ms. Pac Man PS2 Classic Game Pack: 35,900
Nap hours logged: 412
Hours spent surfing the Internet (non work-related): 1,245
Number of Netflix rentals (movies & television combined): 141

The Slacking Off Department would also like to report that, while much of the time spent in this arena seemed pointless and excessive, preliminary data indicates that this down time is vital to productivity in other areas, such as Bringing Home the Bacon and Making Ourselves Healthy.

From the Making Ourselves Healthy Department
Number of yoga classes attended: 4 *only represents month of December.
Bicycle mileage: 75 miles on seat, 2 miles walking alongside.
Carried on: Not drinking, not eating refined flour or sugar, and keeping the carbs below 50 a meal.
Average daily blood sugar: 90 (for the non-diabetics out there, we want to be between 60 and 115).

The Making Ourselves Healthy Department adds that, despite the success of controlling diabetes with diet, exercising, and feeling generally Well, being martini free for nearly two years has not improved my mood. However, it would also like to include a statement that I no longer believe size six to be the Gold Standard. I'm happy with 12 and plan to stay there.

From the What's Up With Our Love Life Department
Due to budgetary and time constraints, this department regretfully declines to participate in the 2006 annual report. It would like to add that it suspects that I have a black hole where my heart used to be and that I'm not getting any younger. It also goes on record as stating that continued weakness in this area could lead to a hostile takeover unless immediate attention is paid.

From the Career Success Department
Number of promotions: One (from senior editor to managing editor).
Number of workshops filled: Four.
Increase in income by percentage: Undisclosed, but it makes us happy.
Number of essays published: 12.
Number of book proposals accepted: One.
Number of books to be published: One (the same one).
Increase in happiness by percentage in relation to Career Success five years prior: 435%.
One year prior: 25%.

From the General Support System/Friends & Family Department
Number of hours I spent with family: Not enough.
Number of friends I dropped and feel really healthy about: One.
Number of friends who moved out of state: Three.
Number of friends who moved but stay in touch like they said they would: Three.
The most recently departed: Erin, for the Big Apple.
Friend with Most Seniority: MK, keepin' it real since 1993.
Friend with Second-Most Seniority: Monkey, though he's been slacking off on face time lately.
Friend who can get away with calling me a bitch: Charlie! Always.
Friend I miss the most right now: My gal pal Al.

Thanks for participating and we hope you'll continue to invest.




  1. So proud of you for the martini and blood sugar maintenance program. I think both departments should get a serious bonus, say, a mani-pedi? The book deal and workshops and promotion are all awesome! Revel, my friend!


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