Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ten True Things

*I am a visual learner who wore out my last pair of contact lenses eight months ago because I’m too lazy to make an appointment.

*I’ve been waiting for my mid-life crisis for so long now that I think it already happened and I missed it.

*I am smart enough to get myself out of trouble, but not smart enough to avoid getting in it the first place (and have never been satisfactorily repentant).

*Every now and then I think, “Dinner party!” but I always have a change of heart when I realize I’ll be responsible for the food and conversation.

*I am a master of stating the obvious; I always thought it was strange that it was one of the things he liked about me.

*I thought the summer he moved away would be the worst one of my life, but it turns out that he knew better than I.

*The one-word insult I would least like to have directed at me: “Common.”

*I love to sleep. I once lost an argument, but not because I agreed with him; I gave in so I could go to bed and stop talking about it.

*I read a Harry Potter book once (at the urging of two friends who love the books) and I hated it. I leave the room when people start talking Potter.

*I believe in Karma: I throw gum on the ground, therefore I step in gum.


  1. K,

    Re: dinner parties.

    Two words: Amy. Sedaris.

    - J

  2. I know! I actually have that book and am considering throwing a "make your own hamburger" dinner party. Immediately followed by a "clean up the kitchen" after-party.

  3. My favorite from this list:
    I believe in Karma: I throw gum on the ground, therefore I step in gum.


  4. Wow, see I feel like I need to come to Harry's defense here. The books really are *that* good. Unfortunately, like anything that's beaten by the masses, the HP books have hit the point where I hate to hear them mentioned.

    HP1 was Rowling's first novel, and like most of my favorite authors (Conroy, Harris, Fitzgerald, Lehane) first works, it wasn't awesome. It was rough, though good in a children's book sort of way. HP2, a little better, but still a children's book. By the time you're into HP3, she's crossed over into the older reader territory. The books become darker and more complex from there, but unfortunately you can't really start at HP3 because the books do build on each other. I won't let my daughter read past HP3, and she's read Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

    If you ever break out of this 60-hour a week work rut you're in, you should give them another go. I would be shocked if the nuances and improved writing and plot lines don't have you hooked by book 4.

  5. I was waiting for the "in defense of Harry" comment! I thought it would come from Aleigh though. Or Erin. Or Katie. Or the 60 other people I know who love the Potter. The one book I read was one of the "older reader" books. I still hated it. I wish I was more open minded about it, but I can't help myself. I think I'm just too grounded in reality. I don't like sci fi either.


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