Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We are two both weirdos...

My friend Michael and I often email each other back & forth about random things, such as what we are currently listening to, what we ate for lunch, and how many more days it is until Heroes comes back on. Usually, he's listening to some crappy Eurotrash pop (or Gwen Stefani) and I'm listening to some godawful heavy metal or obscure trip hop. I joke about his musical tastes; I've actually gotten some good music recommendations from him (Amy Winehouse! Corinne Bailey Rae!) and he's helped me have an open mind about The Eighties Music and The Disco Music. We both love the heck out of Cyndi Lauper, Jenny Lewis, any chanteuse with an album between 1940 and 1970, and New Order. He's mocked me in the past for my brief affair with James Blunt (lasted five minutes, I swear), Tori Amos, and of course, All Things Metal. I made fun of his disco mix of Dolly Parton-doing-Stairway to Heaven (but listened to it in secret).

Today I was randomly sampling from my iTunes playlist and still had "Sister Christian" stuck in my head from earlier in the afternoon when Michael emailed me a "now playing" email with the following:
Saw you walking out on Sentimental Street
What cha going out there
Who ya trying to be
I know what you're thinking
Cause I've been there myself...

What are the chances that our sometimes disparate musical tastes would converge and we'd find ourselves both listening to Night Ranger on the same afternoon? Something like one in 750,000, I think. I figured I'd ride that brainwave and try to send him vibes to come over and bring me dinner later, but unfortunately my good friend is attending a Reunite REO Speedwagon rally this evening. Otherwise he would.


  1. Aparently, they are still together - My apologies.

    From Wikipedia...REO Speedwagon continues to perform mostly its older hits at county and state fairs, casinos, and clubs, and occasionally tours with other venerable classic rock bands such as Foreigner, Styx, Journey, and Fleetwood Mac.


  2. And another thing....That Dolly cover...Not a fan. However, we have not talked about my buying the new Take That album off iTunes. We'll save that story for another day....


  3. I'm hoping Sanjaya will come out with an album; I'm totally going to buy it for you and then tell all of your friends that you love the Sanjaya.


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