Monday, May 07, 2007

Note to self...

“The true self is a disturbing character, healthy and occasionally anarchistic, who knows how to play, how to say no to others and 'yes' to itself."
~ Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

I just needed a little reminder.

Today's inspiration: Author Meghan Daum, the E! True Hollywood Story on Rachael Ray, the Washington Post's special section on feminism & art, finishing The Glass Castle, being in the middle of Then We Came to the End, very short stories, and TAL's new web site.


  1. And what did you think of The Glass Castle? I just finished it yesterday and came away sort of appalled/amused.

  2. I couldn't put it down! There were parts that I found disturbing and sad, but overall I thought the message of someone coming from that kind of background and creating a different kind of life pretty inspirational.

  3. Which reminds me, I owe myself about a gazillion "Artist Dates"...dammit! x


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