Monday, August 06, 2007

Tax free weekend rocks...

I shopped a lot this weekend. I didn't think I was going to because tax-free weekend is usually worse than holiday shopping. I avoided the mall and hit the outlets instead. I bought shoes and pants and jeans and shirts and panties and more shoes. Then I bought some skin care products and makeup and a digital camera and more shoes. Besides being tax-free weekend, I also had two "friends and family" cards from Old Navy and Gap from my sister (good for outlets too) and got 30% off at The Gap and 20% off at Old Navy.This is my favorite pair out of the lot. They're BCBG and I am in love with them.

I added everything up (retail cost versus what I spent) and I saved $278 this weekend. I'm not going to tell you what I spent, because it's what I saved that really matters, right?


  1. ohemgee. me likey. i like the mudd shoes that are next to yours in the website's queue -- they have a peeptoe and a bow!! also that jeans model is SICKENINGLY skinny and the converse are like 100x cute.

  2. You got to spend money to save money! I wish I could go shopping, but it's too cold and foggy and depressing. I'd have to go buy wool in freaking AUGUST! Bah!


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