Thursday, September 20, 2007

Learning to love canned salmon...

I'm working the Perricone Prescription this month, which means giving up the chicken, the red meat, and any form of processed food whatsoever. That's the easy part. The thing I worried most about was eating salmon five times a week. Not just any salmon - it has to be wild Alaskan. If you can find it fresh, it's uber expensive. Dr. P recommends canned and I found the brand he mentioned in his book at a local grocery for under $2 a can.
A. It's gross. You have to dump it into a bowl and pick out the skin and bones.
B. It looks and smells like cat food.
C. I was glad I had fresh lemons because I needed them to get the salmon reek off my hands after digging through the mess.
D. Eating it plain? Ew.

So last night I decided to try one of the healthy recipes: little bit of lowfat cream cheese, little bit of eggless mayo, horseradish, green onion, dash of Worchestershire. Mix it up, add crumbled up canned salmon. Spread on low carb whole grain wrap, add fresh blanched asparagus (asparagi?). Roll it up. Eat.

It was tasty and I must have done a pretty good job of bone removal, because the only crunch was from the green onion. I made a second wrap to bring for lunch today, thereby hitting my five times a week salmon goal. Yay, me!


  1. I don't know about canned salmon, but the art of canned tuna has pretty much been perfected... and I bet it is every bit as good for you.

    Ask any mermaid you happen to see.

  2. Oh, I'll bet you're popular in the office. Just one step down from the person who burns the damn popcorn...

  3. Re: Jaz's recommendation of canned tuna

    So much mercury in the poor fishies that you're not supposed to eat it more than once or twice a week. :(


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