Friday, October 05, 2007

What happens in Savannah stays in Savannah...

Which is why I can't go into great detail about my most recent vacation. What I can tell you is that it involved four days in a gorgeous apartment off of Washington Square, lots of giggling, an extremely quick trip to Tybee (no offense to regular Tybee-goers, but y'all, it was yucky), shopping and some more shopping, walking, seafood eating, grilling steaks in our lovely courtyard, disco dancing at a CVS, and more shopping.

This is my favorite photo of my friends, taken at the beach on Tybee. As soon as I snapped the pic, we got the heck out of there as fast as we could (before someone tried to sell us weed and/or confederate flags).


  1. I want to know where Aleigh got those fabulous jeans!

  2. kelly...just found your blog...its a great read...oh and when i need to hit the beach i head to Fernandina (2 hours south of here)...check it out on your next heather


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