Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It hurts to type.

I overworked my arms at the gym on Monday, felt fine yesterday, and woke up this morning cursing. It's mostly in the pectoral or lat something or other (I prefer the term "breasticles") area and my triceps (at least, I think that's what the flabby under-the-arm part is called). I couldn't raise my arms over my head to blow dry my hair this morning. On the plus side, I really enjoy the bench press and the pain is "good" pain. Yes, you should definitely want to kick my ass for saying that.

Last week, I did a cardio challenge class (okay, HALF a cardio challenge class) and I thought I was going to die during the class. Two words: Ball squats. Two more: Side lunges. But the real pain set in about 36 hours later. I had to use the handicapped stall in the bathroom because I needed something to hold onto when I sat down.

No pain, no gain, right? Actually, no pain, no loss. Riiiiight.


  1. I'm actually jealous. I miss working out. Unfortunately the childcare room at the Y is just a petri-dish and if I take my kids they get sick and then I get sick. It's fun for all.

  2. Heather, not having children and only being exposed to my nieces and nephews, I think lifting and toting kids is harder than working out! I burn more calories with my 2-year-old nephew (because he can play "sandwich" with the couch pillows for FOUR HOURS straight) than I do at the gym.

  3. Oh, and don't ever mention yoga balls to me again. Mine EXPLODED on me yesterday and now my name is General Blackass. Think I can sue?


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