Monday, March 10, 2008

The finger, in perspective...

This is my finger. It represents the following things:

a) OPI's "Aphrodite's Pink Nightie" nail polish.

b) my frustration with polish that looks vastly different in the bottle than it does on my nails.

c) my recent preoccupation with frivolous things like nail polish and shoes, which is a survival mechanism resulting from the More Important Things I'd rather not be thinking about right now.

It should be called "Aphrodite's Pink Nightmare" and I wish I'd followed my instincts and taken it off this morning before I came to work because it makes me feel frumpy every time I look at my hands. This is a side of me that I do not like. I don't want to care about my appearance, but I do. I'd rather use the part of my brain that likes a good manicure to concentrate on things like politics, current events, literature, and work. Instead, I am irritated that I have ugly pink nails. I have male friends who obsess about hair products, clothing, and shoes more than I do, so I know it's not a girl thing. I think it is an obsessive-compulsive thing (like not being able to wear the color brown). Regardless, there it is, in all its frosty-pink ugliness.

On whose nails would this color look good? Britney Spears, maybe. That old tan lady from "There's Something About Mary" would love it. I used to work with a woman who wore suits this color. She would love it.


  1. I NEVER would have guessed that that was your fingernail. In fact, I did a double take on whose blog I was reading! I too go for nail polish with great names, it's kind of like picking wine by its label.

  2. I go to and study new and better ways to grow a beard.

    You've heard of ZZ Top?

    That's my goal in life, that is.

  3. Wait, was it Sue?

    And yes, Linkin Park in the Dark wasn't nearly as cool as Russian Navy. Purple is not the new blue.

  4. wow. I just found your blog. I loved the color and then looked at my own manicure. Sorry you hated it. ~Heidi


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