Monday, May 12, 2008

Gasoline theft?

Because I work in media, I get a lot of press releases. In the past few months, I've noticed a trend with an influx of press and new products to prevent people from stealing your gasoline. I quote (from multiple releases and news stories):

"Gas theft? Yes, it’s happening. That’s why locking gas caps are becoming so popular."
Um, really? I'd better run out and buy one right now even though my car was made after 2004 and no one can open my gas tank UNLESS I SAY SO.

"Gas Theft Blamed On Higher Oil Prices: The theft of gasoline from cars is becoming rampant..."
Rampant? I just asked four people what they thought. Three of them laughed at me and the other one asked me if I own a 1984 Gremlin.

"U.S. motorists, angered by soaring gasoline prices, are resorting increasingly to theft..."
People who steal from others, and that includes "big corporate" gas stations, deserve to get a mouthful of gas and/or third-degree burns. We're all in the same boat, dumbass. Just try not to kill anyone else when you're sucking on that hose.

So are we supposed to be guarding our gas? If you own a gas station, yes (apparently drive-offs are up too). If you don't already have a locking gas cap and you don't park in a visible area, I guess caution (and a lock) would be prudent. Who knows? With prices rising (it took almost $50 to fill my damn tank this weekend!), we might be just months away from having to go all Mad Max on gasoline thieves. Personally, I'd rather not wake up in the middle of the night to a flaming gas thief in my driveway.


  1. Gas is around $3.60 in Charlotte, I think (it's been about a week and a half since my last fill up and prices have gone up in the meantime)...what are prices like in Charleston?

    If it's going to cost me $60 to fill up my tank, I may be requesting to work from home a bit more often...but not out of fear of gas theft.

  2. $3.53 was the lowest I found in N Charleston. I filled up this weekend at a pump downtown at $3.65. I think I'm going to get the bike out again and start pedaling to work.

  3. I take some press releases with a grain of salt, others with a double-handful.

    I'm just saying.


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