Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Maybe she's born with it...

Charlie sent this to me (and I'd forgotten about it) with the email subject line "Maybe it's Maybelline!" Hilarious. We'd stopped off at Walgreens before the wedding we went to on Saturday to get memory cards for our cameras and I posed in front of the cosmetic display on the way out. Because I'd had some Xanax (at least the equivalent of a martini or two). And we're hilarious. Charlie kept calling me "trannie" and "hot mess" and "fierce" interchangeably. I did have enough makeup on to qualify for drag queen status.

p.s. It is not Maybelline. I am born with it.


  1. The hotness! Those candles from the Green Dragon are really working for your aura, girl! Hee!

    Miss you!

  2. Miss Ida! I thought it was funny that I'm standing in front of a cotton display and my rack totally looks like it had some help in the stuffing department. For the record, it did not. That is all ME.

    I miss you too!


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