Monday, June 30, 2008

Care and feeding of a writer...

When I was still working at my day job, I didn't have time to do a lot of home cooking. Most often, dinners consisted of takeout, Earthfare or Whole Foods deli, or delivery. Now that I'm working from home again, I have time to cook for myself. It's definitely healthier and (surprisingly) I'm better at it than I thought I would be. Even though I had to call a friend and ask how to cook fresh broccoli. I have Food Network on in the background on my office television for most of the day and have made a lot of the recipes (found a good one for broccoli with garlic and olive oil from Rachael Ray). I baked a chicken (OK, I did forget to take out the bag of ick stuffed inside until it was halfway done, but the chicken was still good). I made homemade pizza with wheat crust. I located my wok, which hasn't been used in about five years, and made stir fry. I've discovered that I actually like the chopping of the vegetables, the prepping of the food, and even shopping for the recipes.

It never occurred to me that my newfound experimentation with cooking would have an impact on others. And I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I've probably ordered takeout from the same Chinese Food place (very healthy, no MSG, and they have brown rice) two or three times a week for the past five years. Yesterday, I discovered a menu from said restaurant under my door with the following hand-scrawled note:

"Just stopped by to see how you were. We haven't heard from you in a while and we miss you. Signed, Joe."

Joe was my regular delivery guy. We knew each other by name. In fact, when my friend Aleigh was visiting after I had surgery in January and we ordered Chinese food, she answered the door and Joe was very surprised to see her face instead of mine.

I might have to give them a ring one night this week and skip the home cooking, just because I miss Joe too. And I have yet been able to recreate their sesame buckwheat soba noodles on my own.


  1. I'd say Joe was surprised -- he nearly jumped out of his skin when I opened the door. He could barely speak. He said, " she?"

    As I recall, though, this is not the first time you've had a friendly relationship with your neighborhood Chinese place. Didn't the one you used to order from in West Ashley send you soup when you were sick?

  2. I know! That was hilarious. Though the next time I ordered he did ask, "where's your friend?" in sort of a wink-wink way. Pretty sure he thought you were hot. Or that we're lesbians. Either way, I'm sure it gave him a lot to think about. :)

    And yes, the one I used to order from way back when in West Ashley did once send me soup when I was sick. I think that definitely says something about where I get my sustenance. This whole new cooking thing has been fun though, but I do miss my delivery guy.

  3. Hey--I know I'm a couple of posts off here, but congratulations on the huge life change! I can't believe I hadn't heard. I think this is evidence of how good a job folks are doing of keeping your potentially confidential news confidential.

    And I need to know what Chinese take-out place you're talking about, because Biffle and I do enjoy Chinese delivery.

  4. For us, it is Ladle's Homemade Soups. Yummy soups (obviously), sandwiches, and salads practically within walking distance (well, practically). At one point, I think we were grabbing to go from there three or four times a week.

    Kudos on the home cooking, though. It is fun.

  5. Kelly, long ago in a galaxy far far away I made my first Thanksgiving feast for the extended family. Formal gathering, turkey being carved at the table when the ex said, "What is that?" and dragged out the bag o' guts I didn't know lurked within.

    A tad bit embarassing.

  6. Alison - it is Hot Mustard! What I like about them is that they have hibachi along with regular chinese food, which is a lot healthier.

    Jaz - Janet told me about the soup place and I've been meaning to try it!

    Janet - birds should come with cooking instructions that include "remove bag o guts."

  7. I have a fun vegetarian cookbook where all the recipes are 5 ingredients or less. Can't think of the name of it right now, but I'll let you know when I dig it up!

  8. That's hilarious...I wonder if our delivery people miss me? Now that I'm pregnant, I mostly cook my own food too, I'm soo curious now!

  9. That cracks me up. We have an Indian delivery guy here who has worn a track to our door. Yesterday, Simons called using my phone, and they answered saying "hot lamb vindaloo?" And Simons, said, "Um, whaaa?" And the guy said, "WHO'S THIS?"

    Funny. If I ever start a secret blog, it will be Hot Lamb Vindaloo, and will have a lamb in hotpants on it.


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