Sunday, August 03, 2008

Taking full advantage of tax-free weekend...

The new job is keeping me busy, which means I haven't done laundry or shopped for groceries in a couple of weeks. But I made the best possible use of our tax-free weekend by hitting Best Buy yesterday afternoon and getting the new laptop I've been coveting. I spent the better part of today at Target and a few other places to stock up on essentials, like a new pair of Converse shoes (they had the cutest ballet flats at Target), sunglasses (I broke my favorite pair last week), cat food (guilt from taking her to the vet means I've been giving her real tuna for about a week now), and Choxie dark chocolate with chipotle pepper. Also shampoo so I won't have to shake out the dregs of hotel and sample-size stash, a lovely bag for my new laptop, and deodorant to replace the bottle I mysteriously misplaced on Friday.

I love to shop. I love to check things off my list even more. Call this one a good weekend.


  1. I did my part.

    I took my child to Citadel Mall and Tanger Outlet.

  2. Oh my! You are a great dad! I used to love back to school shopping for clothes.


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