Saturday, January 03, 2009

Should I worry?

I finally snapped a pic of a bird that visits the trees around my house when I have Lou in the yard.

Bird of prey?

I don't know what kind of bird it is, but I read that one should be careful with small dogs if you live in an area that has birds of prey. It stays in the tree and eyeballs the puppy. If we go in the back yard, it moves to the tree back there. No movement toward me or puppy yet, but I really don't want a gigantic bird carrying my little one off. It doesn't make noise either, but the smaller birds in the area go nuts when it's around.

Full size photo here if you want to get a closer look. Any ideas on what kind of bird this is and if I should be worried that it might try to get my puppy?


  1. Oh my god that's a BEAST! I can't help you identify it but I think you are right to keep a very close eye on your pup while this is around!

  2. That thing's freaking me out. I bet someone at the aquarium would know for sure.

  3. KLo - that looks like a red tailed hawk. I would definately not let Lou out unaccompanied as a hawk that size would be able to snatch her up. That looks like the same type that hit my front window, aiming for 13 pound Loki.

  4. Thats an osprey

  5. After looking at a lot of bird pics on the internet, I think it might be an osprey (I also live near a marsh so that makes sense). It's a pretty large one too.

    Note to self: Never Google "bird snatches dog" unless you want to be paranoid every time you walk your puppy.

  6. I think it's an osprey, too.

  7. It's a hawk. Ospreys don't get that big.

    But he's probably been in that tree looking for tasty pigeons and squirrels long before you noticed him eyeballing Lou. It will eat a puppy, but probably not a dog. They can't lift that much weight. Maybe don't let Lou out alone until she's full grown.

  8. It is a hawk. I saw one eating a pigeon on King st. over Christmas and swoop down to grab a pigeon on Market St. in the middle of the day. Keep an eye on the puppy!

    Joan - new URL

    Any chance you can try out the new tea shop Church St. on Tuesday?

  9. First of all, Ospreys are considered "hawks," and they get about the same size as red-tailed hawks (max 4-4-12lbs.) They are capable of taking small puppies, but it isn't a common occurrence, although possibly that's because most small puppies aren't out roaming around alone.


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