Saturday, September 25, 2010

Working for the weekend...

I love a lazy weekend, but even when I have plans to sleep in (especially when I have plans to sleep in), something happens to my brain. Last night, as I drifted off to sleep in the wee hours (was reading late at night), my last thought was "no alarm tomorrow morning...sleeping in...yay." And then I woke up at 6am for no apparent reason. Please note that during the week, my daily alarm is set for 7am, so this is a full hour earlier than I would normally wake up. I figured I'd take the dog out quickly and crawl back in between the sheets so I could sleep for a few more hours.

But after a walk (in the lovely cool morning air), I came back inside and figured I'd "just check my email." Which led to doing a little work online, which led to a cup of coffee, which led to doing some more work, another dog walk, more coffee, and before I knew it: 11am, breakfast, and I knew if I got back into bed or tried to crash on the couch, I'd end up watching Urban Legends back to back on TV for a few hours instead of sleeping.

The TV is still off and I've been working on my freelance and personal to-do list for the better part of the day. Although I love going to work at an office every day (especially after working from home for over a year), days like these remind me of the things I loved about working from home: taking breaks to walk the dog whenever I was creatively stuck so I could mull over whatever I was working on, listening to NPR podcasts while I'm working, listening to music while I'm working, still being in my pajamas (technically, yoga pants and a tank top), hair in ponytail with no makeup on, no ringing phone, no "what am I having for lunch" (because the fridge is 10 feet away), and sitting cross-legged on my couch with my laptop instead of in an office chair, blinds open with a view of my back deck and beyond.

I was prepared for a lazy weekend. I have three books to read, the current season of Weeds from Netflix, clean sheets (because I did laundry last night), and nothing terribly pressing on my to-do list. But it feels better to have accomplished something rather than nothing, and it's still only Saturday so I can have a lazy Sunday.

In honor of checking more than 10 things off of my list since 6am, some "energy music" from The Ting Tings (in my current top 25 iTunes playlist).


  1. Well, that sounds an awful lot like what happens to me. ;)

  2. It's the coffee! Once the coffee is made, it's over. Weekend day becomes work day!

  3. OMG I love that show Urban Legends on the Biography channel. I say I'm only going to watch one episode and then I spend all afternoon watching it!!!

  4. Yeah, it was all over at "I'll just check my email." And are you talking about season 6 of Weeds? I've had that in my cue for months and thought it wasn't out yet. Just checking because I'm slightly addicted.

  5. No - still on Season 5! They come out on Netflix like a year after they air on Showtime (I have HBO and Encore, but not Showtime). Same with Dexter!


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