Sunday, October 24, 2010

October in Austin...

Isn't much different from October in mornings, warm days, cool evenings, humidity hanging out for its last hurrah. But it feels like fall, one of my favorite times of the year. I love being able to open the windows at night, walking the dog without having to bring a bottle of water (for the dog), sitting on the back deck in the breeze with coffee and working on my laptop. I'm more social this time of year, when I know I can go out without worrying about my hair getting soaked from sweat or getting dehydrated.

Yesterday I had a lovely brunch with my neighbor at one of my favorite brunch places in Austin, Chez Zee (I will eat anything with hollandaise on it). Afterwards, we went to one of my other favorite places, Central Market, for "Cheese Fest." It's exactly what it sounds like: Cheese. I bought a lovely gourmandise with walnuts that has a maple flavor and some goat cheese with cranberries. And some grapes and crackers to go with it.

My other favorite thing about October: Halloween parties. Last night, my friends Charlie and Bryan had a pumpkin carving party and it was terrific (all of their parties are terrific). Pumpkin guts and knives and champagne and snacks. And lots of photos! My pumpkin looked slightly lobotomized because I was trying to even out its cap, but I was happy with it. And I got to take a photo home as a party favor!

Happy October!

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