Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today I enjoy the view...

Inspired by creative and talented writer friends Angie Mizzell and Janet Lee - because their work and words have given me reason to hitch up my creative britches and get to writing more than they know - I'm sharing my own writing space(s).

My "home office" (and the desktop where my iTunes library still lives):

Even though I do most of my writing on my laptop - and occasionally handwriting in a notebook - so I'm often here:

Or on my back deck, here:

It's the words, the inspiration, the motivation that comes from knowing someone else is struggling to make those words matter, just like you are (or should be). Once those words are out there, we tend to forget how they came together. I want to remember and live for right now, not upon publication, not when the check comes, not later, now. I want to enjoy the view.


  1. Your home office is so neat and tidy. Mine's a disaster right now. I usually clean my desk and write there, but also in coffee shops and on my bed. Right now, I'm sitting in a chair in the den while Spongebob plays in the background. Once I publish this comment, I'm getting back to work. I do have to admit, I am (indeed) enjoying the journey.

  2. This photo is from when I first unpacked my home office (I'd been living out of boxes for quite a while) and set up my computer, white board, etc. It doesn't look like this very often!

    And I'm glad you're enjoying the journey! All of this creative energy from friends has inspired me to work on my own in-progress narrative...collection of essays tied together with a theme. I'm not thinking about the audience or editing or what will happen when it's done...I'm just doing it!

  3. So glad to hear you are back at it! (This from the person who had a 7 year dry spell)

    And that shot of my desk only looks so neat because we'd cleaned off all the junk for the meet the new in-laws visit the day before.

  4. I like your " home office", your living room and back deck. What a comforting sight. In a place like this you could relax and at the same time you will be inspired to write a lot of article.


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