Friday, September 14, 2012

If you're happy and you know it...

Good for you. Last year around this time, I was looking for it around every corner. Sometimes I found it.

Declarations of happiness are a mixed bag for most people I think. There's a part of me that is very superstitious (maybe Puritan English roots?) and I catch myself being careful about shouting out loud about happiness and good fortune. The rest of me is comfortable saying that I'm happier more often than not these days.

People who know me well, or maybe just the ones who have known me for a long time, have to hold back laughter (or something else) when they hear me say things like this. I'm happy. I feel positive. I look forward to what the future will bring. I'm excited about what will happen next. The angsty sardonic me hasn't gone anywhere. She's been fighting a losing battle for a while and knows to lie low. And it's not like I'm skipping everywhere, whistling, or high-fiving myself on a regular basis. I haven't had a lobotomy. (and am I the only one that sometimes thinks happy people are happy because they're not very smart and therefore never worry about things? Is that just me? Am I a terrible person?) See. Angst. Still there.

It takes work to maintain a positive state of mind. I know when I should stop watching/reading/listening to the news. I know I have to keep the pen moving even if what I'm writing will never see the light of day because that's one of the things that saved my sanity. Speaking of, I'm not exactly focused on maintaining sanity. I think it's overrated. The people I love spending time with most are all a little crazy. They don't mind if I am.

So generalities out of the way, this has really been a great week. It's been below 90 all week, much cooler (low 70s) at night, and for the past couple of days rainy and below 80 degrees. If you don't know what last summer was like in Austin, you are probably underwhelmed. But I'm whelmed and my windows are wide open because it's breezy and cool and feels like fall. I went for a 45-minute walk with the babydog and didn't sweat. At all. Glorious. My neighbor and her dog Sonny went with us and we talked and walked.

Sushi for dinner tonight (if I had to choose a last meal, it would be crab rolls and escolar sushi). Tomorrow I'm joining a bunch of Austin bloggers at the 5th annual BlogathonATX and I'm excited about going (which is so much better than trying to think of excuses not to go). The weather should hold through the weekend. My roommate moved out at the end of August and I love (love!) having my house back. I found a wrap dress at Old Navy that fits me well AND was on sale for less than $20 (in store with 20% off coupon).

If you're happy, please share. The Universe isn't waiting anxiously for your declaration to drop the other shoe on your head. I remind myself every day. And I think I need another adorkable poster for my office. Clap your hands.

From Chick Lingo Signs


  1. I can totally relate to that feeling! I have been blessed a lot in the last few years, so I often catch myself wondering when the luck will finally run out. I often have to remind myself to let go and just enjoy the good times while they last.

  2. I have to fight that impulse to question good fortune, even if it is just the small things, because I am still too close to the hard times. I have to remind myself that there is no other shoe nor will it drop every day. Why do we do this to ourselves? It should be easier just to BE (happy). :-)


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