Monday, August 30, 2004

No power, ergo no digital cable...
I've been thinking about having another "tv-free" week for a while now, but put it off to feed my recent Alias obsession. On Sunday, however, I was forced into it by near-hurricane tropical storm Gaston. We didn't have power all day Sunday and, after reading every book and magazine in the house, I had to venture out among downed power lines, tree limbs, and flood waters to find some other damn thing to read. Apparently, I am not capable of sitting still and doing nothing for more than 10 minutes. Seriously, I tried. I even tried playing the handheld Yahtzee, but it's not the same without the tv on in the background. I've become such a multi-tasker, that I have to watch tv and do something else at the same time, otherwise I get bored.

I got my hands on three new magazines (this month's Vogue is freakishly large) and a book, Lit Riffs.

The power is back on, but I've decided to forgo tv this week (it's good timing, considering it's Republican Convention week - which is even more boring than sitting in the dark with nothing to read). But I'm not counting DVDs, since that's considered "selective viewing." I knew I'd find a loophole.

I feel like a better person already.

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