Thursday, August 26, 2004

Talkin' 'bout some TV...
I've always had this deeply rooted tendency to watch geek-tv. I used to mainline X-Files (even arranging my social life around the show, way back when it came on Friday nights) but have managed to stay away since the last season. Before that, it was Star Trek Next Generation, before that, probably regular old Star Trek, and before that, I'm sure it was Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. But I've been geek-tv-free and clean for about 5 years now. Some people say I've just replaced my geek show obsession with one for reality shows (if you know anyone else who has seen every season of The Real World, let me know), but I think I've just been postponing the inevitable.

Accordingly, I recently fell off the wagon, but hard. A friend of my roommate's loaned him the first season of Alias on DVD and we've been marathon-tv-watching so we can return it and get the second season. And then the third (which comes out on DVD next month), all in preparation for the FOURTH season that begins in January! I'm going to have to give up Sunday night Sopranos and Six Feet Under for this, I know it. Double agents, espionage, intrigue, poor relationship with Dad, wigs, wigs & more, Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow kicks serious ass.


  1. I too have seen every episode of every season of the Real World.*
    I can't believe I just admitted that.

    *Maybe I missed some San Diego ones, because after the stupidity of the Frankie drama it got a little dull. That new replacement guy they brought in was lame.

  2. I know!! Frankie was ALMOST as bad as Ruthie from Hawaii. I'm going to have to forgo Real World for Nip/Tuck now though...I watched a few reruns and got hooked on that one too.


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