Thursday, September 30, 2004

Good times...
Just got home from Michael's b-day party (33rd, in case all of those people who asked couldn't remember later) at local hot spot Vickery's. Despite its casual ambiance, they do have the best food in town. I ate tomato soup for lunch in order to save all of my points for the cashew encrusted tuna steak salad (yum) and two vodka drinks. We celebrated with Meg and Amy and Derek, the lovely Michelle, Erin & Grant, Rosita, MarkAnello (you have to say his name as one word), Alice, Pradnya, Kathleen, Aspen, Kirstin, Margaret and her b-friend Eric, and several waiters. I gave Michael the boxed set of Ab Fab, he also got a Fcuk (Fcukeroo) t-shirt from Meg, a bottle of wine from Aspen, Miso Pretty soap from Michelle and another awesome t-shirt of her own design, to be revealed at a later date, the first season of Popular on DVD from MarkAnello, and the Best of ABBA boxed set from Derek.

We laughed a lot and talked about the time Michelle had a birthday party and her "friends" stuck her with the check, Alice's first bikini wax (3 hours before the party), how I would react during a camping trip to a Madagascar hissing cockroach snuggling up to my sleeping bag, how some hairdressers like to pop neck zits on men, and the feng shui of office cubicles. It was a good night.


  1. Damn! I really DID miss all the fun.

    Oh well, snuggling with my box of Kleenex was...OK, not fun at all.

    But at least I could yank myself out of bed this morning, right? Right?!

  2. That was a great time! Thanks again for the invite.... and I can't WAIT to get started on our new fashion & functional art line, Ah...Miso Happy

    Watchout world, here we come!


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