Thursday, December 30, 2004

She’s a listress, a listophile, a listy lister...
So I can begin working on my 105 resolutions for 2005, I’ve spent the last couple of days recapping 2004.
[for those of you who aren’t familiar with my list-obsessive-statistical-analysis of annual resolutions, see this entry. Yes, I have been making resolutions list that correspond with each year (99 in 1999, and so on) for some time now, perfecting the list each year. My reasoning is that my percentage of success is a lot higher with 100-plus mega resolutions than it would be with 10 measly ones.]

Because I changed jobs, from newspaper to magazine, from managing editor to associate editor, and I now have my Dream Job, around 45 WORK items on the list of 104 either became superfluous or were completed.

Others, in the categories FAMILY and FRIENDS, could have been better. I did make a point to spend time with people who inspire me creatively and less time with people who don’t. I’ve also ditched all the “mean” friends. Thumbs up to about 12 items here.

Under HABITS, I’ve got “spend less time getting ready in the morning” mastered. I’ve been much more consistent about using a grocery list for shopping so I don’t arrive home with 10 bags containing cat foods, pop tarts, pomegranate juice, chocolate chip ice cream, a pound of clementines and three bags of apples – and nothing to cook for dinner. Yep. Much better about that.

For HOME, I did everything except strip the god-awful wallpaper in the kitchen and bath that’s been on the walls mocking me since I moved in. I throw old magazines away now. I use my cookbooks. Score – 10 good ones.

MIND – yes, yes, more yes. My only black mark is watching television. But I log more hours reading. Letting go of guilt? Pretty much have that wiped out. For GIVE, I did everything I was supposed to in that category.

There are a few that are too personal to go into here, but suffice it to say that I did a pretty darn good job of making myself a better person in 2004. Success percentile: 72.

Can I get a “whoo-hoo?”


  1. I'm so glad to know that someone else out there shares my taste for pomegranate juice. The stuff you can buy in the stores doesn't compare to the fresh stuff that I used to get at the Westwood Farmer's Market in L.A., though. Mmm...Sherrill Orchards, I miss you.

    I, too, have resolved to start throwing away my old magazines. Actually, it's more like a directive from my husband. He is not amused by the massive piles of the New Yorker and Entertainment Weekly that have been festering in the corners of our too-small apartment. So, into the trash they go.

  2. whoo hoo, k-mama!

    I like the big list, ensuring at least a few victories along the way...I make have to work on a mega-list myself this weekend (#1 - stop procrastinating)...

    Hope to see more of you in '05 than I did in '04...

  3. Good luck with your mega list, superstar! And you should see more of me in 05 than 04, considering that one of my 105 resolutions is "BE MORE SOCIAL!"


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