Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Feminism isn't dead, it's in Faith Hill's pants...
In the March issue of SELF magazine, there's a cover interview with Faith Hill where she makes the following statement: "That's one thing I had in high school: a bottom that stood at attention. I didn't have much of a chest, so I had to rely on my backside."

I had to read it three times to make sure I got the context, and then I was all like, um...rely on your backside for WHAT?

Why should women be talented or smart? We have tits and ass! Why did I spend all that money on six years of college? Why do I even have a career? If I do the power squats that Faith Hill's trainer makes her do five days a week and quit THINKING so much, I could just run around in all my bootyliciousness and people would give me things for being cute.

I am not a fan of country music (quite the opposite), but have always thought Faith Hill represented something good about the world. And I have always liked SELF mag for its special mix of girl power and girliness. Then I have to go and read an interview like that.

She's just like so many of the stupid bitches I used to be friends with: "Ohmygod, my ass is so big, he'll never love me", "I had four M&Ms and a piece of lettuce today...I'm not eating at ALL tomorrow", "If I get a boob job, do you think he'll leave his wife for me?"

Do you? Come on, seriously. DO YOU?


  1. I think we had some of the same friends! Mine used to pinch her stomach and pull the skin out to show me how fat she was. She was a size 4. I am a size 16. How was I supposed to answer that. It just made me think that she thought I was discusting. Need less to say, we're no longer friends.

  2. I still have a friend like that and I try and make fun of her neurosis as often as possible. "ooh, did you eat your cheerio today? Oh, that's right, you had your four grits yesterday, so no food for you!" Snar!

  3. Spot on, K-Lo. There are dudes that still reward that reedonkulous behavior, though...

    While great to look at, you can hear the ocean if you put your ear up to a bootylicious' head...

    And they typically talk in upspeak, which makes me wanna jam a penknife in my ears...

  4. Look at the good side: you can steal his job through uber-efficiency while he's checking out your rack.

  5. Yes, reedonkulous...i thought it appropriate at the time...

  6. Ah yes. Im still trying to un-brainwash myself from all the abuse i suffered at the hands of my husband. Its sad and pitiful.



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