Friday, March 04, 2005

Episode 63: In which she responds to interview questions
I couldn't resist the temptation of Vivian's recent offer to grill anyone who responded to her post with "Ahoy Matey." Al did. BR will. You know I can't stand to be left out, so here's my official Vivian to Some Q&A:

1. What is the singlemost ability you'd feel qualified to give a how-to demonstration of?
I am quite gifted at making people cry, but I don't think I could lead a seminar about it. I could, however, demonstrate how to make the perfect vodka martini. I've made hundreds (of thousands) and would love it if more people (bartenders) knew how to do it, because I hate shouting "MOVE" so I can get behind the bar to make a drink that I'M PAYING FOR. And don't piss me off by telling me how much you love your "crantinis" or "appletinis," which are not actually MARTINIS; they're the whores of the drink world and good people stay away from them.

2. Besides persian hair and a sleepy purr, what would you most like to find sleeping next to you on cold wintry night?
I hate to sleep in the same bed with a person, but I might make an exception for Keanu. I have insomnia and a no-sleeping-over rule, but if I really fell in love with someone, maybe him. (I can hear the "Awwwwws." Shut up.)

3. Red or white. Discuss.
It used to be the reds, any red would do, but I preferred Pinot Noir. However, I have recently discovered the wonder of an amazing white, specifically Sauvignon Blanc. They just started carrying the best one in the world at Whole Foods.

4. Which Sydney Bristow disguise would you rock around the clock?
This is the hardest question I've ever been asked! I suppose if I HAD to pick just one, it would be the red/black hair, nose ring, and leather trenchcoat ensemble from season 3, episode 15, "Facade," in which Sydney kicks ass.
Wait, she kicks ass in EVERY episode! I'm such a geek.

5. If you had to pick ONE 80's song as the KellyLove theme song, what would it be?
Freddie Mercury's duet with David Bowie, "Under Pressure," from Queen's Greatest Hits. If I could pick an ALBUM, it would be Guns n' Roses' Appetite for Destruction.

Thanks, Vivian! I feel better for getting all of that off my chest. And because I like to copy Al when I can: To continue the interview chain, I'll interview anyone who comments on this post with a new question for me to answer. Ask me one, and I'll ask you 5 back!


  1. Why do you choose to live in South Carolina? How did you get there?

  2. Will you give me a job?

    Mwah ha ha!

  3. Kari: I've been in Charleston since I was a tot - my family moved here from Massachusetts in 1980 because my father was in the military. My mom loved it here so much, she divorced him and we stayed.

    And my 5 for you:
    1. Kari and Eric = true love?
    2. The thing you wish Eric would stop doing.
    3. What is your favorite show on NPR?
    4. What made you decide to email Eric that first time?
    5. What is your "true calling"?

  4. Al: Yes, of course I will!

    And my 5 for you (you didn't think I'd do it, did you?):
    1. The first time you felt like a grownup?
    2. Would you choose the power of invisibility or the power to fly, and why?
    3. Manual or electric?
    4. What made you decide to start a blog?
    5. Do you seriously think you're normal?

  5. Will you give ME a job?


    What was your favorite Halloween Costume you've ever donned?

  6. No, I didn't expect you to actually post questions, and man are they HARD!

    Thanks for the job. I can start in a few weeks -- just let me know when the computer will be set up. :)

  7. Do you believe in heaven and do you think you'll make it there?

    How did you pick your cat's name?

    What's your most embarassing moment?

  8. Wow, your site's linkadelic now. Greeeaat, other people I must now voyeur.

    Great answers KL! You didn't ask, but I would pick to be Sydney when she was a french singer. Or ooh, Russian cowgirl! Why didn't I meet you in Chas? Why? We could've totally geeked out on Alias every week.

  9. Kickball: Um, what kind of job? I think I made it pretty clear that I DON'T DO THAT. I don't put anything in my mouth I don't intend to eat.

    My best all time Halloween costume was Columbia from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was 1994 and I RULED.

    And Five for Kickball!
    1. Does your car have legal plates?
    2. What is your Sunday night must-see TV program?
    3. Who is the funniest person in your improv class?
    4. What does the pond water in Colonial Lake smell like?
    5. What is your favorite song to sing at karaoke?

  10. JEM: Three!
    1. As an agnostic, I like to cover my bases, so yes and yes.

    2. Long story: Ninotchka is seal-lynx point Himalayan; I got her from Russian breeders. Before I even took her home, I kept calling her "Nini". The Voronins told me "Ninotchka" means "little Nina" in Russian, and that stuck. Her name on paper is Ninotchka Peaceful Paws Trueline. You can see her half-sisters here. (WARNING - cheesy music..hit MUTE) They look just like Nina (they all look like the daddy).

    I don't know if I can reveal my MOST embarrassing moment here! Maybe I'll tell you later in person...

    NOW I have to think of YOUR five! Give me a little while to come up with some really good ones...

  11. Vivian! I know, I finally decided to put up the links I've been meaning to for the past 2 months...

    OOH - that's a good one! I've always leaned toward her more punky-goth looks. I'm not sure I could pull off french chanteuse, but I liked the red S&M outfit.

    I don't know WHY we didn't meet while you were here! I think I found your site through Al's, she found it through Jay, and I didn't even meet him until about 6 months ago.

    You come back to Chas., we'll totally geek out!

  12. So glad I found your site! I love your writing. Since you don't know me at all, I don't expect you to interview me, but if you want to cool. My question for you: What is your most favorite and your least favorite thing about living in Charleston? Thanks!

  13. i am totally with you on the martini thing. apple tini, sick. please teach me how to make the perfect vodka martini.

  14. Five questions for Jem:1. Now that you and AS are once again happy couple, how often do you bring up froggy headed Republican wench?
    2. When you did your "cleanse," what exactly were you trying to cleanse?
    3. The Nerve: Bumbling Fool or Big Giant Wang?
    4. Do you inhale?
    5. What do you plan on naming your first child and would you consider naming her "Kelly Love?"

  15. Charleston Girly Girl:
    Thanks for the compliment!

    What I like most about living in Charleston is my family (-my mom, 2 sisters, 4 nieces are all in the city or surrounding; my 3rd sister & nephew live in Hilton Head.
    What I like least: The six month long summer. I HATE being hot and being in the sun. It gets so damn ass-hot here, I actually think about moving to the Northwest once a year.

    And my five for you!1. I think you're a massage therapist (?) How long have you been doing it?
    2. What's the deal with MIKE?
    3. How long have you lived in Chas.?
    4. What is your most secret guilty pleasure?
    5. If you could only eat one food for a whole week, breakfast, lunch & dinner, what food would it be?

  16. Hummm. I wanted to email you my answers, but I can't find an email address. But I bet there is a reason for that, so I will just out the censored version here.

    And my 5 for you:
    1. Kari and Eric = true love?
    True. Never thought it would happen to me though. I thought true love was for liars.
    2. The thing you wish Eric would stop doing.
    Well, thing is there is more than one thing. Here is a short list:
    He does a goofy dance when he is self-conscious. He says he is sorry for things he should not be sorry for. He doesn’t look for things. If he needs something and it is not RIGHT IN HIS LINE OF VISION, he will substitute something else, which usually was not intended for the purpose of whatever it was that he really needed.
    3. What is your favorite show on NPR?
    Oh tough one! The Next Big Thing is my current favorite, but I love This American Life and Fresh Air. I just love NPR. And PRI. And PBR.
    4. What made you decide to email Eric that first time?
    I read his blog in one night. And I just knew that he and I would be awesome friends. And I am new in town and was lonely and not making friends, and he just seemed like someone I could get along with. *
    5. What is your "true calling"?
    According to my psychic it is to be a “modern day Erma Bombeck”, but I think it might be to raise children.


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