Friday, March 11, 2005

I'm Late for Everything: Friday List
It was apparently EVERYONE'S Friday list LAST week. Miss Nobody got it from Pink Lemonade Diva, who got it from Azzy, who got it from Pink & Green Girl, who got it from someone else, who got it from this person, who got it from...well, you get the picture. Charleston Girl did it too.

I Live: in a 1940s house with my best friend of six years.
I Work: for Skirt! Magazine.
I Think: faster than I speak.
I Smell: like MAC MV2.
I Listen: when something is interesting enough to hold my attention.
I Hide: my true feelings. Well.
I Walk: for an hour or so, three times a week around the park near my house.
I Write: daily, both for work and not.
I See: dead people.
I Sing: along while I play guitar by myself when no-one else is home.
I Can: find an excuse to get out of just about anything.
I Watch: way too much news, and no more Reality TV.
I Daydream: rarely. I'm usually working on a story or article in my head.
I Fall: in love less often than I would like to.
I Want: everything.
I Cry: when I am angry.
I Read: anything I can get my hands on.
I Love: my new nephew way more than I ever thought I would.
I Rode: a motorcycle when I was 17.
I Sometimes: take my anger out on people who don't deserve it.
I Fear: frogs, air travel, death, geese, not being able to sleep, cancer, losing my mind, small talk, boredom...and about a billion other things.
I Hope: I am making a difference in this world.
I Eat: too late at night and too little during the day.
I Quit: spending time with people who are emotionally draining.
I Drink: about four liters of water a day.
I Play: Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, and I miss playing backgammon with my mom like we did almost every night when I was in grade school.
I Miss: how I used to be fearless, though it got me in trouble at times.
I Forgive: easily, but no longer maintain the relationship if the offense was serious.
I Drive: A loaded, way too expensive, black Honda CRV that I am in love with.
I Dream: vividly and in Technicolor.
I Have: everything I need and more than I thought I'd have.
I Remember: what I am able to. I have a poor short-term memory. I write a lot of things down so I can remember and have diaries dating back to 8th grade.
I Don't: allow people to disrespect me.
I Believe: in Karma, and that the universe will take care of me as long as I give more than I get.
I Owe: a lot of money in student loans.
I Know: that I will never know everything.
I Hate: obligatory singing. Anytime people sing the "Happy Birthday" song (to me or anyone else), I want to punch everyone in the neck.
I Feel: cynically optimistic.

So there it Friday list, better late than never.


  1. so now that i am finally able to access blogger comments for the first time in weeks i can finally thank you for revealing your awesome martini secrets!

  2. The Internet world just keeps getting smaller and smaller. The sites you referenced are mostly of Boston Girl Bloggers, and I check their blogs almost everyday too! Especially Pink and Green Girl. And For the record, I tried to post this comment the day you made this post and Blogger comments were not working on your site. Hum.


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