Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My very own Toblerone...

I'd like to thank the Academy, my agent, my manager, my stylist, my personal trainer, um, the guy who bought me a mojito at the bar a few minutes ago, and Keanu Reeves. Oh, and Jesus. And my mom. This award means so very much to me...

THANKS, BR, for the fabulous deliciousness of the Toblerone! I guess all that Buffy-watching paid off. I've seen Buffy, the Musical, a bajillion times. And did I mention that I never liked that show? My friend, housemate, and man that brings me chicken korma for dinner liked Buffy. And I like him. So I spent some couch time co-watching. OK, maybe I liked it a little.

Al and Jem: I have Toblerone and you already ate yours. I am going to eat it verrrrry slowly, then drop the wrappers off in the middle of the night in your mailboxes.


  1. I think you should put peanut butter under their car door handles, instead. I think that's much funnier.

  2. Sneak rice into their beds--the Minute Rice variety. Drives people insane!

  3. I first experienced the deliciousness that is Toblerone when my family was in Europe over the summer I turned 11. I have such warm memories of Switzerland and Austria, mainly because of the abundance of Toblerone.


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