Thursday, April 21, 2005

Chickens: One. Women: Zero.
I don't talk about local politics here a lot, mostly because I'd prefer to live in my happy, blue-tinted world and have convinced myself that the good ol' boys of South Carolina politics will die off soon, being that they're all older than dirt and eat a lot of pork products.

I wonder if there's something in those pork products - considering that Old Strom lived to be 100. Either that, or being a racist, misogynist and redneck is somehow good for your health.

The latest: Charleston rep John Graham Altman opposes a bill designed to protect women from criminal domestic violence...but approved a bill that makes cockfighting a felony. Not only that, but his remarks to a female reporter and statements in which he questions the reasoning of women who return to violent home situations, are beyond ignorant.

So another redneck, who has made his position about women, gays and minorities abundantly clear in the past, mouths off in front of the press. What really scares me is that there are WOMEN who VOTED for this toolbag in the last election. Women. Voted. For him.


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